Hoteles de Turistas de ENTURPERU began operating under the administration of Compañía Hotelera del Perú S.A, by Decree of July 17, 1942.

Initially it operated as a private enterprise with capital provided by the International Petroleum Company Ltd., Pan American Grace Airways Inc, Grand Hotel Bolivar S.A., Cia. de Aviación Faucett S.A., Banco Popular del Perú and by private shareholders. The Company began operations managing hotels in Huanuco, Tingo Maria, Arequipa, Chala, and the original Albergue de Machu Picchu.

The Hotel de Turistas Abancay opened in 1946. It was built on what was the Souza Park and has an area of 4262.40 square meters.

In the year 1946 it was created the Corporación Nacional de Turismo (National Corporation for Tourism) by law 10556 of April 20, which ran until 1950, year in which ceased operations by Decree Law 11438 of July 14, thus the Compañía Hotelera del Perú S.A. assumed the administration again.

In 1964, law No. 14947 of 06 March established the Corporación de Turismo (COTURPERU), started its activities in the Casa de Oquendo, Lima. This institution received without cost all the hotels owned by the State through law No. 16960 of March 31, 1969. The Compañía Hotelera del Perú joined COTURPERU.

The Corporación de Turismo changed its name to ENTURPERU on March 21, 1969, operating as a state controlled enterprise in the private sector of tourism with the form of a corporation.

ENTURPERU privatization process entered into through the Supreme Resolution No. 266-93-PCM of 2 July 1993 by the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 674, Law to Promote Private Investment in state enterprises.

On January 27, 1995 was the privatization of Hotel de Turistas de Abancay, located at 500 Diaz Barcenas Avenue, and becomes the property of Mr. Julio Camara Azurin, a recognized entrepreneur in Apurimac region.

It is since then that begins a new stage in the Hotel de Turistas de Abancay, and it was redesigned since April of that year. It currently has a capacity of 52 rooms and new facilities as the marquee room for events and the “Sky Room” in a new block.

As a part of the commitment to the Apurimac region, the Hotel de Turistas continues with the steady improvement of services and infrastructure, preserving the tradition and image of what is considered a city's cultural heritage and pride.